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ITU-APT Foundation of India (IAFI) is a non-profit, non-political registered society, is working for last 10 years in India with the prime objective of encouraging involvement of professionals, corporate, public/private sector industries, R&D organizations, academic institutions, and such other agencies engaged in development of Indian Telecom sector in the activities of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT). The society has been registered with the registrar of the societies with its secretariat working at New Delhi. Globally, the counterpart organizations of IAFI are the ITU Associations in Japan and in the USA, where predominantly private industries engaged in Telecom sector are their members. IAFI is working to foster closer relationship with them.

The scope of activities of the society broadly relates to wider involvement of the Telecom sector supplementing that of the Telecom Administration in the activities of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a specialized agency of the United Nations, and the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT), a multi-government regional organization on telecommunications including inter-alia, broadcasting, information technology and space sciences, with special emphasis on rural development, to conduct and co-ordinate research studies on various technical, scientific, regulatory and other related matters, to make contributions to various conferences, meetings and other activities including technical study groups and associated events of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) within the framework of the established mechanism and to strengthen active co-operation with ITU and APT with special emphasis on rural development.

ITU-APT Foundation of India (IAFI) is sector Member of the ITU Development Bureau (ITU-D) and ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (ITU-T) which manifests its usefulness of the Indian Telecom industry The Foundation members are entitled to participate in the activities of ITU-D, ITU-T and ITU-R.


The IFAI Consulting group


“IAFI Consulting offers a great value to ‘recharge’ the latent potential of any organization. The value which IAFI brings on the table is unparalleled with its members having expertise across the specialised areas in telecommunications."

Dr. SK Hajela, Former Chairman,
ITU-APT Foundation Of India

Experts have worked in and are available at short notice:

• International Telecommunication Union
• World Bank
• Asia Pacific Telecommunity
• Regulatory Authorities
• United Nations
• Asia Development bank
• Department of Telecommunications, Government of India
• Large Telecom Corporations


• Telecom Policy Formulation
• Telecom Regulatory Framework
• Specialized training and capacity building
• Assistance in developing national Broadband Plans
• ICT Regulation
• Spectrum Regulation Guidance
• Standardization

For queries Please call

Aarush Qureshi
ITU-APT Foundation of India
Contact Nos.: +91-11-45005163, +91-9971349028, 9999797700


G-104, World Trade Center (Behind Lalit Hotel) Barakhamba Road New Delhi- 110001, India. Contact Nos.: +91-11-45005163, +91-9971349028, 9999797700
E- mail:info@itu-apt.org
URL: www.itu-apt.org


The members of the ITU-APT foundation belong to various Government departments, private agencies, operators and manufactures specialized in their respective field and it has an impressive pool of talent having vast experience of working in top positions I the government and with international bodies.

The ITU-APT Foundation of India seeks to leverage its past pool of knowledge and is keen to exploit the talent of its members for the benefit of its organization and the industry. It has taken an initiative to form a consulting group IAFI Consulting Group to provide wide array of consulting services.

The board portfolio of consulting services based upon the capabilities of in-house experts and partners will comprise the following:

1. Spectrum Management
2. Telecom Policy and Regulation
3. Broadband Planning and Deployment
4. Corporate restructuring and Joint ventures
5. ICT
6. Manufacturing and Transfer of Technology
7. Research and development
8. Migration Strategies and NGN

1. Telecom Policy and Regulations

• National Telecom Policies
• Telecom Licensing
• Regulatory Guidelines
• Interconnection
• Tariff Order and Regulation
• Quality of Services, standards and measurement
• Regulatory Enforcement
• Commercial Communication
• Mobile number portability implementation and framework
• Accounting Separation

2. Spectrum Management

• Frequency spectrum management comprising assignment of frequencies ,licensing, interface evaluation and its resolution, registration of assignment with the ITU, Inspection of licensed station, study of BR IFICs, national and international coordination.
• Radio monitoring including microware monitoring, satellite monitoring and direction finding
• National Radio Regulation and policy in radio communication.
• National frequency allocation plan.
• Satellite coordination.
• Computerization of spectrum management and training
• Spectrum pricing
• Training of engineers in spectrum management and monitoring
• Study and implementation of ITU-R recommendation and decisions of various conferences.

3. Broadband Planning and deployment

• National broadband plans
• Broadband infrastructure policies
• Broadband technologies
• Broadband Network Planning and deployment
• Next generation networks
• Mobile broadband networks
• Broadband Licensing and regulation

4. Corporate restructuring and joint ventures

• Infrastructure Sharing
• Corporate debt restructuring
• Jong vebtures and collaborations
• Organizational restructuring
• Investment planning and consulting

5. ICT

• ICT assessment and deployment
• ICT policy and guidelines
• ICT research and deployment
• ICT applications deployment
• Capacity building and training

6. Manufacturing and Transfer of technology

• Project report and industry report
• Transfer of technology
• Project Financing
• Project implementation
• Project clearance and approvals
• Technology evaluation
• Capacity building and training

7. Research and Development

• Setting up R&D Labs
• Providing experts for research
• Building prototypes
• Facilitating lab to shop floor shifts

8. Migration Strategies and NGN

• Adoption of new technology
• Migration from V4 to V6



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